Birthplace Terre Haute, Indiana
Birthday March 18
Instrument Guitar, Vocals
Chris Smail's upbringing is a classic rock and roll story. As an infant, Chris was bundled up in a VW bus, touring the country with his father's band. Known as Massachusetts Assembly (a.k.a. Mass Ass), the group included a horn section and often played with then-unknown local group REO Speedwagon. Chris grew up loving music, but it was the discovery of Eddie Van Halen that turned him to a life of guitar. Borrowing his father's gear and a chord book, Chris and his high school buddies (forming The U-Turns and Atomic Jello) proceeded to learn every Kiss and Cheap Trick song they could. The discovery that it was more fun to write his own songs led to plummeting grades, as he daydreamed of making a living writing and performing music. Splitting his time between sports and music, Chris began college on a baseball scholarship. The sports world was quickly abandoned for rock and roll, however, and Chris has never looked back.

In addition to his work as songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist with Johnny Socko, Chris engineered the band's Quatro and Big Rock Sounds from Triple R Records, aided by the knowledge gained from working at his father's recording studio in high school. A side project called Chris Coolidge allows Chris to explore other facets of his songwriting talent that might not immediately fit on a Johnny Socko project. "Music has always been an uplifting force for me," he says. "Some of my favorite albums have been there through monumental stages of my life. I hope that our music can connect special times and events like that for people someday."

Chris Smail proudly endorses SIT Strings.

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