• 11/7/06 Johnny Socko on iTunes! Download the latest Self-Titled release or 1997's Full Trucker Effect. Check back soon for more info on downloading the complete Johnny Socko catalog!
  • 5/28/06 Here's a score from the depths of the Triple R Records warehouse - 25 long-lost copies of Full Trucker Effect in glorious 12" vinyl, and three copies of Triple R's debut release Big Rock Sounds, featuring the rare Socko tracks "Come to Bed" and "Stories to Tell." Collectors, complete your collection!
  • 5/18/06 Digital downloads are here! We've added a Johnny Socko page at Indie Tunes, with the latest Self-Titled disc, Quatro, and Full Trucker Effect. We're working on adding the others as well. Stay tuned for more developments!
  • 4/6/06 Johnny Socko has added a page on MySpace. Won't you join and be our friend!
  • 2/24/06 Only one of the extremely limited edition Johnny Socko Deluxe Art Collection is left, which features a veritable mountain of rare Socko artwork. Start your own art museum!

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    Johnny Socko is a five piece band featuring ROCK, HORNS, MELODIES, and RHYMES. Featured in CMJ's Top 100 Album chart, XM Radio's Unsigned, Adam Sandler's 8 Crazy Nights, MTV's Undressed, and a town near you, Socko has scored the Indianapolis "Album of the Year" honor for their Nov. 2002 independent release!

  • "Produced by Ken Lewis, whose credits include work with David Byrne and Public Enemy, Johnny Socko delivers a schizophrenic band to its fully realized form. Listen for an array of cinematic transitions, with the action moving to and from pop-rock to hip-hop. At a time when most rock-rap efforts suggest a marriage of Korn and N.W.A., Johnny Socko embodies the modern spirit of Cheap Trick and Biz Markie." - David Lindquist, Indianapolis Star

  • "Make no mistake, Johnny Socko is a stunning achievement. It�s cram-packed with different sounds and moods. The band says it prided itself on its versatility in the kind of songs played, but found a new unity of purpose in how they played them." - Steve Hammer, NUVO Weekly

  • "How many bands have played over a thousand shows and toured 40 states in their own tour bus? They�ve sold 26,000 records on their own. That kind of stuff is what got me interested in them at the beginning. The amazing music is what kept me working with them." - Ken Lewis, producer


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